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What we do

Syner-Med (PP) Ltd has been bringing innovative pharmaceutical products and medical devices to healthcare professionals and patients for over 20 years.

Syner-Med is committed to providing healthcare professionals with education, enabling them to deliver evidence based patient care and to use our products as cost effectively as possible. Currently the Company is focused on the management of central venous catheters helping our customers to manage occlusions and reduce infections.

Syner-Kinase® (urokinase): the only thrombolytic licensed for catheter locking and for infusion through the catheter, to treat both internal occlusions and external fibrin sheaths which can cause catheter dysfunction. Syner-Kinase® is also free of human albumin.

Citra-Lock™ S (trisodium citrate): Anticoagulant and Antimicrobial. A range of pre-filled syringes containing the original citrate catheter locking product available in 4%, 30% & 46.7%.

Citra-Valve™: Needle-free catheter connectors which reduce handling and infection. Suitable for patients undergoing haemodialysis.

DualCap Solo™: Disinfection caps for catheter connectors containing sponge with 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA).

WoundClot™: Water soluble gauze using cellulose as a substrate to treat prolonged bleeding post haemodialysis needle removal. Reduces clotting time and requires minimal compression to form a stable biological clot.